1.1. The purpose of these procurement rules, the documents specified therein and other information is to provide the buyers and other persons of the e-shop with information about the conditions of purchase of the goods and services sold.
1.2. The terms used in these rules, which are in lowercase or uppercase letters, in plain or plural form, have the following meanings in these rules:
1.2.1. Seller -, Individual Activity Certificate No. of the person registered in the Republic of Lithuania: 645831, registered office at Alyvų g. 16, Marijampolė, LT-68297, Lithuania, address for correspondence - Alyvų g. 16, Marijampolė, LT-68297, Lithuania;
1.2.2. – e-shop is located at
1.2.3. Buyer - an active natural or legal person who purchases goods in e-shop
1.2.4. Rules - these rules of purchase of goods in the online shop together with the specific references to them in the information sections of, which are an integral part of the Rules.
1.2.5. The Party - the Buyer or the Seller, each separately, may be called the Parties.
1.2.6. Personal Buyer's Environment - the place where the personal data and orders placed by the Buyer registered in the e-shop are stored and the place for placing orders.
1.2.7. Goods - goods and services offered by the e-shop or purchased by the Buyer.
1.2.8. Contract - a contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller for the purchase of the Goods.
1.2.9. Privacy Policy - Rules of the Customer's personal data processing, storage and storage in
1.3. These Rules are binding upon the conclusion of the Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer for the purchase of the Goods. The Buyer must read these Rules and all references to the information section of carefully before deciding to order the Goods in the online store Responsibility for not being familiar with the Rules lies with the Buyer.
1.4. The Rules are an integral part of the Agreement, which determines the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer must agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If the Buyer refuses to access and agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the Buyer may not complete the Purchase Order and conclude the Agreement.
1.5. The Seller has the right to change the Rules. The Buyer is advised to review the Rules before making any order to make sure that he understands all the terms of the Agreement and agrees with all the terms. The Buyer will be informed about the Updating of the Rules in the Personal Buyer's Environment or by acquiring the Goods for the first time after the publication of the new Rules.
1.6. The Buyer must also become aware of the Privacy Policy published by the Seller. For the rights related to the processing of personal data or disagreement with the processing, the Buyer may apply to the Seller in the manner specified in the Privacy Policy.


2.1. The Buyer may order goods at by creating his / her Personal Buyer Account at the Online Store and logging in to his / her Personal Buyer Account.
2.2. The pictures of the Goods presented in the online shop are informative - illustrative. The actual appearance of the goods may differ due to the screen resolution or color distortion of the Buyer's device used to place the order. The Seller seeks to present the illustrations of the Product that are as realistic as possible, but the Buyer understands that the Product may differ in reality. Product packaging may also differ from the one shown in
2.3. Items available in the online store are available. In the event the Seller no longer has the opportunity to provide the Buyer with the goods ordered by the Buyer, the Buyer shall be immediately informed by e-mail or other means specified by the Buyer and the fulfillment of the Buyer's order is terminated. The Buyer clearly confirms that he / she understands that the Product Order may be canceled and the money for the Product Order returned to the Buyer if the Seller is unable to provide the Product to the Buyer due to obstacles beyond the Seller's control.
2.4. Ordering of goods can be submitted by:
2.4.1. natural persons who have reached 18 (eighteen) years of age;
2.4.2. natural persons from 14 (fourteen) to 18 (eighteen) years with the consent of their parents or guardians (excluding emancipated persons);
2.4.3. legal entities.
2.5. By agreeing to the Rules, the Buyer confirms that he / she can shop at the online store
2.6. The Buyer fills in all mandatory fields for ordering the Product Order and carefully checks all the information required for ordering the Product Order.
2.7. The moment of conclusion of the contract is considered when the Buyer chooses the Goods (and / or an additional service) to form the goods basket, performs all steps of placing the order of the Goods, chooses the method of payment for the Goods order and after clicking on these Rules, click on the "Confirm Order" link. After the Buyer submits the Order of the Product, an e-mail with confirmation of receipt of the Product Order shall be sent.
2.8. Buyer's Product Order means that the order starts and is checked for the delivery of the Product. After checking the delivery and after placing the order, the Seller confirms the order by sending an e-mail about confirmation of the order and the shipment to the address indicated by the Buyer.
2.9. All Buyer's orders are stored in the Buyer's Personal Account.
2.10. The invoice for the Product is sent by e-mail specified by the Buyer.
2.11. If the Seller has no possibility to execute the Order of the Product (due to the lack of the Product, the Supplier's refusal to present the Product or the possible defect of the Product Price in the online shop, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer by the telephone or e-mail specified by him that fulfillment of the order is impossible. In such a case, the Seller shall immediately, but not more than 5 business days, return the money paid to the Buyer for the Product.


3.1. The price of the item is indicated in the online shop at the Product description. The prices of the goods are indicated by the amount of VAT valid at the moment of ordering the Goods. The price of the item does not include shipping costs. Delivery prices and terms are indicated in the "Delivery" section of
3.2. The price of the goods after the confirmation of the Product order cannot be changed, except for the cases when, despite the Seller's reasonable and maximum efforts to ensure the correctness of the price at the moment of ordering the Goods, the price of the Product has changed due to technical errors of the e-shop information systems, obvious fault errors or other objective reasons beyond the Seller's control (demonstrable). Considering these circumstances and the fact that the electronic store offers a large supply of goods, some of the prices of the offered goods may be indicated incorrectly. In this case, the Seller shall inform the Buyer in writing before ordering the Goods order and offer the Buyer to order the Goods at the right price or cancel the Order of the Product. If the Buyer refuses to purchase the Product at a new price, the Buyer may refuse the order by informing the Seller within 3 (three) business days. The product order is not executed until the Buyer's response is received. Upon cancellation of the Product Order, the Buyer shall be reimbursed immediately, but not later than within 5 working days, any sums paid by the Buyer.
3.3. Product order can be paid for:
3.3.1. electronic banking;
3.3.2. bank transfer;
3.4. No additional charges for electronic banking are charged. In addition, the bank may charge a fee equal to the transaction fee within the bank for electronic banking.
3.5. No additional charges are charged for bank transfer payments. When paying by bank transfer, the bank may charge a fee equal to the transaction fee within the bank or to another bank depending on the bank's services.
3.6. The delivery term begins when the Seller confirms the availability of the order and begins to execute it, and after:
3.6.1. The Seller receives a Payment for the Product;


4.1. The goods are delivered to the Buyer via courier service to the apartment house staircase or individual house door. Goods unloading and loading services are not included in the delivery price of the Product.
4.2. The Buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery. The goods are accepted by the person who has placed the order for the goods and has submitted an identity document. If the Order of the Product is formed on behalf of the Buyer but the Buyer has no possibility to accept the Goods, the Goods Order shall specify the person authorized by the Buyer to accept the Product. If the Product is delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer but the Buyer has no possibility to accept the Goods himself, the Buyer shall not have the right to claim to the Seller the delivery of the Product to an unauthorized person.
4.3. The delivery terms are indicated in the "Delivery" section. Usually the goods are delivered in the terms indicated in the "Delivery" section of The terms stated by the seller are preliminary. The Seller cannot guarantee that the Goods will in all cases be delivered within the specified terms without exception. In exceptional cases, the order deadline may be extended by an additional 1-14 business days, but the employee responsible for this exception is informed by phone or email. The Preliminary Delivery Period shall not apply, inter alia, in cases where the Seller does not have the Goods in the warehouse and immediately informs the Buyer about the lack of ordered Goods. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer expressly agrees and agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of the Goods may be delayed. The Seller undertakes to agree with the Buyer other terms of delivery.
4.4. Delivery terms are indicated in the "Delivery" section of
4.5. When ordering more than one item, the Goods can be delivered at different times. Additional shipping charges are not applicable in these cases.
4.6. The risk of accidental spoilage and death of the Goods shall pass to the Buyer from the moment of delivery of the Goods.
4.7. If the Goods cannot be delivered to the Buyer or the Buyer does not withdraw the goods within the set term and the Buyer has paid for the Goods in advance, the Seller shall contact the Buyer and agree on other terms of delivery. If the Buyer fails to agree on other terms of delivery (whether the Buyer does not withdraw or not accept the Goods), the Order is canceled, and the Buyer is refunded for the Goods, except for any loss incurred by the Seller due to the delivery of the Goods, refunds and cancellations.
4.8. The buyer must check the packages of the consignment at the time of delivery, in the presence of the courier. After noticing the package's package violations, the Buyer shall indicate this in the delivery confirmation and complete the Courier's Packaging Violations (Inspection) Act together with the Courier. In case of defect of the parcel package, quantity of goods, mismatch (s) of assortment, the Buyer or the Buyer's representative must not accept the parcel. The latest claim for Inappropriate Product Completion, Violations, or other discrepancies shall be submitted within 24 hours. from the date of receipt of the shipment (from the date of acknowledgment of receipt by the courier). If the Buyer fails to do so, the Seller shall be released from liability for the goods and the Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in undamaged packaging. After the Buyer has signed the Consignment Receipt - Transfer Act or other shipment transfer document, it is considered that the Goods have been delivered in the proper condition, the package is not damaged, there are no incompatibilities of the Goods.
4.9. Buyer Rights and Obligations Related to Acceptance of Goods and Quality Check are indicated in the "Delivery" section of


5.1. The Seller guarantees the quality of the Goods (quality guarantee according to the valid laws of the Republic of Lithuania). The Product is in conformity with the Purchase and Sale Agreement if:
5.1.1. The product corresponds to the Product description provided by the Seller;
5.1.2. The product meets the normal quality requirements for the same kind of Goods;
5.1.3. The product has the features that the Buyer could reasonably expect, ie. necessary for the Product to be used for normal or special purpose;
5.1.4. The quantity, size or weight of the Goods sold is in accordance with the terms of the Contract.
5.2. The Seller shall not be liable if the real size, shape or color of the Product does not match the image of the Product used by for the technical features of the hardware used by the Buyer to represent the Product at the time of ordering. The Buyer must not only refer to the Image of the Product but also to familiarize himself with the Product Description in detail.
5.3. Some of the Merchandise sold by the Seller is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Information about it and the applicable terms and conditions are provided in the manufacturer's warranty accompanying the Goods. The Quality Assurance provided by the Seller does not limit or restrict the Buyer's rights in relation to the defective goods. Detailed product warranty information is provided in the "Quality Guarantee" section of
5.4. The defects of the goods are eliminated, the defective Goods are replaced and returned in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules.
5.5. If the Product sold does not meet the quality requirements, then the Buyer has the right to request the following at the option of the Buyer:
5.5.1. to replace a Product of inappropriate quality with a good quality product, except when the defect of the Product is small or it arises from the fault of the Buyer;
5.5.2. to reduce the purchase price of the Product;
5.5.3. that the Seller removes the defects of the Product for a reasonable period of time or compensates the Buyer for their remedies if the defects can be eliminated;
5.5.4. to return the price paid and to cancel the Contract when the violation of the Goods is essential.
5.6. The Purchaser may express his choice regarding the exercise of rights related to the purchase of the Goods of inferior quality only by returning the Goods to the Seller together.
5.7. The Buyer may not terminate the Contract if the defect of the Product is negligible.
5.8. If the Buyer has purchased the item of inappropriate quality (the Product is defective, does not work), the Product warranty service is free of charge.
5.9. Warranty repairs are performed by authorized service centers. It is sufficient to have a purchase document or a completed guarantee sheet (if it is required for a particular product) when presenting the Product for warranty repair. Warranty service information is provided in the "Quality guarantee" section of
5.10. In the event of Product Quality Inappropriate Issues, the Buyer may contact the persons responsible for by email: or by phone +370 635 84510 (only in lithuanian language).
5.11. In case if the item purchased in e-shop has failed during the warranty period and is not repaired, the Buyer has the right to change the Product to another similar or any similar good product, or undertakes to refund the money paid.
5.12. The Buyer may exercise the right to return goods of inappropriate quality within the term of the quality guarantee specified in the Purchase Document.
5.13. Money for the Product of Inappropriate Quality shall be returned to the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of submission of the refund request and return of the Product to the Seller. If the Product is not returned to the Seller, the term of 14 (fourteen) days shall be calculated from the date of actual return of the Goods to the Seller. By agreeing to the Rules, the Buyer agrees that the money will be returned to the bank account, unless the Buyer and the Seller agree otherwise.
5.14. Money is not returned for Goods that have been intentionally or negligently damaged or have been misused for purposes other than purpose or use.
5.15. Inappropriate Quality of Specific Goods Returns of goods may be specified in the warranty vouchers provided with them.
5.16. If the Buyer was not supplied with the Goods ordered by the Buyer, the Buyer shall immediately, not later than within 2 working days, inform the Seller by e-mail change the goods ordered by the Buyer. If the Seller no longer has the ordered Goods, the Seller shall refund the Buyer no later than within 14 (fourteen) days.


6.1. The Buyer has the right, without giving a reason, to refuse the Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days from the conclusion of the Contract, notifying the Seller thereof in writing and returning the Goods of the appropriate quality.
6.2. Possible Return of Goods of Appropriate Quality means that the Buyer has the right to inform the Seller, to cancel the Agreement and to recover the money paid, in the following 14 days, after having changed his mind or for any other reason, to cancel the Goods, in the following order:
6.2.1. The Buyer has the right to refuse the purchase-sale agreement by notifying the Seller in writing and returning the goods at its own expense within 14 calendar days from the day of delivery of the Product (the Buyer confirms the acceptance of the parcel with the courier);
6.2.2. The Buyer shall not be entitled to exercise the indicated right of withdrawal if the Buyer has entered into one of the contracts listed in Article 6.22810 (2) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
6.2.3. If the Buyer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract when the item is paid in full or in part under a consumer credit agreement concluded between the Seller and the Buyer or the Seller and the third party, then the consumer credit agreement shall be terminated without any additional obligations to the Buyer.
6.3. The Purchaser expresses the wish to withdraw from the Contract in writing by sending a notice to the Seller by e-mail The Seller shall immediately acknowledge receipt of the notification. The refund request specifies detailed order information: order number, date, item, price, date of delivery, bill for refund. In the event that the money is not returned to the account of the buyer but to the account of another person, a power of attorney issued by the Buyer must be submitted to the third person to receive the refund.
6.4. The goods are returned to the office of, Gintaras Misiurevičius, address - Alyvų g. 16, Marijampolė, LT-68297, Lithuania. If the goods are returned without direct delivery to the specified office, the Buyer must choose to return the goods through the courier service, ensuring the Goods are returned to the Seller. The Seller warns that the shipment service or the Lithuanian Post will not deliver the parcels to the final addressee (the Seller), therefore the Goods must be delivered either by courier service or by delivering the Goods directly to the Seller's office (specified in these Rules).
6.5. When refusing a contract and returning quality Goods, the Buyer must comply with the following conditions:
6.5.1. returning goods must be in the original orderly package;
6.5.2. The Product shall be unused and the Purchaser shall not be damaged;
6.5.3. The product must be of a non-losing appearance (undamaged labels, non-teared protective films, etc.);
6.5.4. returning goods must be of the same set as received by the Buyer;
6.5.5. when returning the Goods it is necessary to provide a document of purchase, a guarantee voucher (if issued).
6.6. If the Buyer refuses the Agreement, all the money paid for the Goods, including delivery costs, shall be refunded. If only a part of the Goods is returned, shipping costs will be refunded only if the remaining Goods for the same Goods were purchased at a lower rate than when purchasing the Goods, but at a rate equal to the difference between the rates and the return on the Goods.
6.7. The Seller has the right to deduct from the refund the amount of the additional discount granted to the Buyer if the Buyer makes use of the additional discount on the offer and subsequently canceled the order (returned) at least one quality Product from the offer for which the discount was applied.


7.1.The Purchaser may, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of acceptance of the Product, replace the Purchased Item by analogy with the Goods of other dimensions, shapes, colors, patterns or completeness. If there is a price difference due to the replacement of the Goods, the Buyer shall pay the Seller the price difference. The Buyer expresses a wish to change the Product in writing by sending a notice to the Seller by e-mail
7.2. The Buyer may exercise its right to replace the untrusted Product (due to its shape, size, color, model or complexity) by reference to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution no. 697 (wording of 22.07.2014 of Resolution No. 738) approved the "Rules of Retail Trade" (hereinafter - Retail Trade Rules).


8.1. Buyer:
8.1.1. has the right to shop in the manner prescribed by these Rules and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.1.2. have the right to conclude the Contract or to refuse, change or return the Quality Product in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules and the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;
8.1.3. has the right to have defective rights acquired by defective Product;
8.1.4. undertakes to indicate only the correct and complete data necessary for the ordering of the Goods upon their change in the Personal Buyer's Account and / or when placing a Order of the Product, as soon as they change, to update the data immediately;
8.1.5. undertakes to use fairly and correctly the services provided by and to manage its Personal Buyer Account. The Seller shall have the right to restrict the Buyer's right to use the Personal Buyer's Account without prior notice if it detects unfair or unlawful actions of the Buyer;
8.1.6. must settle with the Seller for the purchased Goods and Services;
8.1.7. must comply with the requirements of these Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.2. The seller:
8.2.1. has the right to change these Rules, the functions of the e-shop, the supply, volume and nature of the goods of the electronic shop If the Buyer disagrees with the Seller's modifications, the Seller has the right to cancel the order;
8.2.2. has the right to cancel the order if the Buyer, who has chosen the payment method via electronic banking or bank transfer, does not pay for the Goods within 2 business days;
8.2.3. have other rights provided for in these Rules, other local acts adopted by the Seller and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
8.2.4. undertakes to endeavor to execute the Buyer's order in a timely and appropriate manner;
8.2.5. undertakes to provide all necessary information;
8.2.6. to respect the privacy of the Buyer, to process the Buyer's personal data only in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules, the Privacy Policy and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
8.2.7. undertakes to inform the Buyer in advance of offering the Buyer another Product, if he / she has no possibility to submit the Goods ordered by the Buyer. If the Buyer refuses to accept another Product that is as similar as possible to the order, the Seller undertakes to return the money paid to the Buyer within 5 business days and cancel the order.


9.1. The Buyer is responsible for all of his / her actions performed using the online store, including the responsibility for the personal data of his / her person and the login to the Personal Buyer, their storage and / or transfer to third parties. The Buyer assumes responsibility for third party use of the Buyer's Personal Buyer's Account. If third parties join the Buyer's Personal Buyer Account, the Seller considers such a person as a Buyer.
9.2. The Seller is exempt from any liability in cases where the Buyer incurs losses because the Buyer, despite the Seller's recommendations and instructions, did not become familiar with these Rules and the information references, Privacy Policy or other documents specified in these Rules, even though such possibility was not available to him / her in no way limited.
9.3. The Parties shall be liable for the Contract concluded in the online store according to the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
9.4. The Seller sells the Goods in the online shop only for the consumer's personal or personal use. The Buyer undertakes not to use the Goods sold for commercial, business, service or resale purposes and the Seller shall not be liable for any loss, loss of business, malfunctioning or loss of business due to lost business opportunity.
9.5. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by other persons on the websites, even if there are links to the websites of other persons in the Seller's e-shop.


10.1. The notices referred to in these Rules shall be sent in writing, including the sending of electronic mail. The Seller shall send all notices to the Buyer by the e-mail or sms message specified in the Buyer's Personal Buyer's Account or specified in the order submission.
10.2. The Buyer shall send all notifications to the Seller by phone: +370 635 84510 or by email:


11.1. The Seller will not be liable for any breach or delay in performance of the Contract or any obligations under the Agreement if such failure or delay occurred due to events beyond the control of the Seller (force majeure).
11.2. An uncontrolled event by a Seller means any action or event that the Seller cannot reasonably control (force majeure).
11.3. In the event of an uncontrolled event that affects the proper performance of the Seller's obligations under the Agreement:
11.3.1. The Seller will immediately inform the Buyer;
11.3.2. The performance of the Seller's obligations under the Agreement will be suspended and the maturity of the obligations will be extended to the duration of the Seller's uncontrolled events. If the Seller's uncontrolled events affect the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer, the Seller will reconfigure the new delivery date after the end of the Seller's uncontrolled events.


13. These Rules may be unilaterally modified by the Seller. The Seller shall inform the Buyer of the amendment of the Rules in the Personal Buyer's Account. If the Buyer continues to use the online store after the amendment of the Rules, it is considered that the Buyer agrees with the updated Rules.
14. These Rules apply to any Agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller.
15. The Buyer has the right to make a claim to the Seller for the purchased Goods and / or Services in the manner prescribed by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
16. In the event that the Buyer does not agree with the Seller's response to the Buyer's written claim, the Buyer (natural person, user) may submit his / her request / complaint regarding the goods purchased by (Vilniaus str. 25, 01402 Vilnius, el. tel, tel. 85 262 67 51, fax (85) 279 1466, on the website (as well as the territorial subdivisions of the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority in counties) - or to fill out the application form on the EGS platform https : //
17. These Rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.


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