All the goods sold by LaukoBBQ.eu are intended for the European regional market, therefore all the goods are covered by warranty terms and requirements set by the manufacturers. In accordance with European Union directives, all goods are subject to a minimum period of 24 months warranty period.

If it happens that the item purchased in LaukoBBQ.eu online shop has failed during the warranty period:

  • If there is a defect in the warranty period, the warranty shall be free of charge;
  • Warranty repairs are carried out by authorized service centers;
  • It is sufficient to have a purchase document or a completed guarantee sheet (if it is necessary for a particular product) when submitting the product for warranty repair;
  • The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to parts that are naturally worn by the device and to mechanical damage. However, in case of a problem, we always recommend contacting LaukoBBQ.eu. by email: info@laukobbq.eu, and will be provided with the necessary information and suggested the most appropriate solution.

Additional information

According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, in most cases it is sufficient to have a purchase document (cashier's check, invoice or leasing contract) if it contains an exact product. Such a document confirms the date of purchase of the item and the person who purchased the equipment. It is only necessary to provide the seller's warranty sheet if the equipment model is not specified in the purchase document (then the identification of the equipment must be specified in the guarantee document). However, if you did not find the guarantee sheet in the parcel and feel uneasy, please contact LaukoBBQ.eu. by e-mail: info@laukobbq.eu, and we will provide you with all necessary assistance, if necessary, by mailing a guarantee sheet.

The guarantee is terminated in the following cases:

  • In case of breakdowns due to natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake);
  • In the event of failure due to improper using conditions;
  • In case of damage or damage due to cleaning, shaving, scratching;
  • The device has been intentionally or negligently, bumped, broken;
  • The device was not used for its intended purpose;
  • The faults that have arisen have been resolved by the manufacturer's unauthorized service person;
  • The device was used in violation of the instructions for use and the warranty letter.


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