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180cm Tripod with 9L Cast-iron African Pot + Winch

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180cm Tripod with 9L Cast-iron African Pot + Winch

€255.99 €293.99 Save €38.00

Technical specifications:
Capacity of Cook King goulash pot: ca. 9L
Cook King Goulash pot material: cast iron
Lid included: YES
Height of tripod: ca. 180cm
Powder-coated tripod: YES
Tripod foldable in half: YES
Weight: ca. 14,5kg
Tripod with reel: YES


With this cast-iron South African potjie you will be able to prepare aromatic dishes in the fresh air.
The set includes a lid which prevents the dishes from contact with any contaminants from the campfire. Thanks to the lid the taste and smell of a dish are maintained in the pot during the whole process of cooking. The goulash pot is made of high-quality grey cast iron. As a result, you will be able to use it for many years. The warmth is distributed evenly inside the pot and the temperature is maintained for a long time. That is why our pot is the best tool for preparing a dish for friends and family. The pot has got a practical handle facilitating the hanging of the pot on a tripod. Preparing dishes with our pot is not very time-consuming and the culinary effect is surprising by its taste and aroma. Its long legs will make it easy for you to place it into a campfire or a fire bowl. As a source of heat for this goulash pot you can use a campfire or traditional charcoal briquettes. The tripod is powder-coated, which increases its weather resistance. The stable tripod enables its users to place the pot on any surface no matter if it’s even or not. An additional advantage of the product is the fact that it can be quickly assembled and disassembled as well as easily transported and stored since the legs of the tripod can be folded in the middle. Impressive ornaments including forged elements make this goulash pot with tripod a feast for the eyes. Importantly, a winch has been welded to one leg of the tripod. It has a sprocket blocking the hanging product at any height. Thanks to the constant coordination of the chain blockade you can safely use the grilling set without having to fear that the grate, pot or wok attached to the chain could suddenly slip down.
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